Vision 2.0



It’s the need for the ego to interact with the external reality, is when an individual feels the urge to put on a mask.

Embracing the existential emptiness, the existential void– is the real meditation and acceptance of the nature of absolute reality, whilst the fear of the emptiness itself is the cue for an internally suffering unenlightened psyche and self.

The appearance of the hypnagogia results in the creation of the unconscious spectral phenomenon through symbolism into the mystical nature of the subconscious. The question is how much does our psyche rely on the self to manifest them and how much of the phenomena are independent of the self?

If anything, there’s mystical, not paranormal. Because, the universe, the consciousness can give rise to specters/mystical symbols in reality, but that doesn’t necessitate the characteristical classification of these elements. Sentients should be able to acknowledge and accept every element as a part of the whole (of the universe, of the consciousness), not as A or B, good or bad.

– <<A calendar correction miracle>>




Vision 1.0

Completeness is realizing that there is no ‘incomplete’ – for the integration of being, one must forget the essential.

In hoc momento, this moment of breaking into the otherly, feeling your body give into the transcendental fractals- et in hoc tempore, senses excite the perceptual experience.

It’s the very difference in every repetition that accounts for change (Deleuze), hence difference lays newness. It’s the divorce of the concept of repetition from its identity itself.

Objectivity cannot be identified as Objectivity unless there’s Subjectivity. What even can Objective constitute within a realm of subjectivities?

How to simplify things in order to lead a simple life? Cynicism, Stoicism, and Modern Minimalism.

Intuition (Psychology) & Intellect (Mathematics) ~ The mind cannot receive the input if the body doesn’t exist ~ More of a medium, than intuitive.

The real transcends into the imaginary, which in turn dwells within the deemed reality – its the shadow, of the shadow.

(a desire, for desire itself – žižek)

Are these hypnagogic visuals something that binds the conscious and the unconscious state – i.e., do these visuals, however bizarre they may be, somehow present itself as the ‘in-between’ of the two different states? If hypnagogia is the liminal state between consciousness and unconsciousness, then the fascination lies in how this liminal state presents itself in an altered state. It’s like an open portal between two dimensions so that the portal itself is the enigmatic mixture that these two distinct dimensions present – in astral terms would be labeled as the ethereal plane.

It’s the specter of the common, that triggers anxiety of the fascination. The fractal-facial phenomenon, within the transcendental state of unconscious, escalates the fascination towards compulsion into the otherly.