I’m 21 y/o or 5 y/o (leap year miracle)- I’m originally from New Delhi, India. I’m an undergraduate student at Tel Aviv University, Israel studying Psychology, Digital Communications & AI, Philosophy as well as Middle Eastern Studies.

I define myself as an artistic-human driven with ideas who often express her art in the forms of written pieces, creative writing/research, poetry and, prose or through art & journalistic pieces

My interests lie in the fields of psychopharmacology, psychology, cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, artificial intelligence, communications/mass media & Neuroscience.

Currently, I’m independently researching ‘The Essential Nature of Hypnagogia (& the phenomenon under the influence of psychoactive substances)’ & I’m hosting my podcast called The Naked Dialogue. 

Welcome : )

-Sanjana Singh (aka itsa2amgrunge)


  1. Aashu says:

    I was really keenly interested to learn about Hermetic principles in detail. I am enthralled by your classical presentation. But . Violence and Non-Violence are anti thesis of each other, and this takes into account all aspect of material as well as psychological duality as tackled through Physics and Metaphysics. However i would definitely spare time to go through all of your presentations.

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  2. Aashu says:

    This is w,r,t Heuristic and cognitive bases
    What you are talking is akin to the fact all of us have two aspect of our being. A fore part called male or action part, and a hidden part what we call female or intuition part. But this is true with both males and females natives. Meaning thereby it both males and females have element of both the traits in the same fashion. It is that our cerebrum hemisphere, if I remember it correctly, consists of two lobes- a right and a left. Left lobe controls the right part of body and Right lobe controls over the left part of body. Left lobe is the center of all conscious decision regarding action in day to day life. Right lobe is responsible for intuitive thinking which remain engaged in sorting out the issue of good and bad. So System 1, responsible for conscious decision/action, may be compared with Left lobe, and System 2 with right lobe responsible for intuitive thinking. For any critical decision the two systems must work in tandem with each other. The problem arises if there is conflict between the two on account of perceptional differences. Physically, relative size of the lobe may indicate about the predominance of the two.

    I read this detail somewhere in my early years while I was trying to learn palmistry in order to discover the order behind the chaos of life. I was wondering at the difference in line pattern of the two palms. As you might be aware that in case of male native/ subject we study Right palm first, and in case of female we study left palm first. The other palm in the corresponding native indicates about one’s action and result due to influence of spouse which may start even before getting married. The sum total of the two determines the character of the native.

    However this description is insufficient but I would avoid discussing it here because it entails discussing the subject like Astrology or what may also be called as Soul science. In fact there are particular planetary consciousness and their disposition in soul which is responsible for either ‘conscious decision for action’ or ‘subconscious intuitive decision. Then there is an issue whether we are talking about of male or female native, and soul integration or compatibility of the male/female spouse. If heuristic concept of System 2 reflects externally itself as one’s spouse then person is likely to be very intuitive/introvert.


  3. Which particular substances? Syrian Rue seeds? Psilocybin? Cannabis?


      1. An adjective from the Hebrew bible? Or a psychoactive substance? If the latter, I am unfamiliar with it.


      2. It’s an pscyho-analytical creative manifestation of a mystical experience (Negev Poises).


      3. And yet you are writing about psychoactive substances (as well as hypnagogia). These substances usually produce a mystical experience. Some such experiences of course come unbidden. For those not so called, a psychedelic drug can produce much the same effect. Presumably you are studying these drugs and their effect? There is much interesting medical research on the topic. Particularly from the John Hopkins University hospital in the US.


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