Meditations of the Creator

by Sanjana Singh // June ‘21


Full of cracks, like any other mundane

The odyssey begins in seventh heaven

Creator, lost in felicity

Finds luxury, amusement and the greek euphoros

Within dry barrels, and hermaphroditic psychopathia

Oblivious, to the absolute

Seized by the highs, the solace- the solace

Impotent to let go

The warmth and the soothe

The pleasures of the barrels and the biblical “knowing”


Rising and falling

Up and down

Ania and Manos

Phantasia and reality

The modern weeknd and ye

Starboy, party monster and snowchild, escape from LA.. (TA*)

Willful pains and delusional happiness

Like the true, cynic Dionysus

Holding the lantern, looking for the honest man

Whilst creating her empire, but destructing her aplomb

Attached to another her

Afraid to let go


Accepting that she isn’t who she always was

Accepting every fibre of the Lacanian Other

Only to lose herself in the process of this chaotic odyssey

leaving in tears and sweats


And when she walks onto the chambers of the Real

She treasures her voice- so fertile, never fuzzy

Discerning the barrels that demolished her strength to persist

Discerning relishes that weakened her amour propre

Discerning yet again, the falling into an apotheosize of the fallacious kinships

The windfalls releases her from her own induced psychosis

Mind, the greatest treasure

Creativity, the ultimate ontological core

Madness, the truest virtue

Amour propre, the ultimate cure

Unlocks the meditative relic

Walking, as the odyssey continues


Gleaming at the shimmery stars of the night sky

Smiling and crying

The psyche exclaims,

Ad astra per aspera

<<to the moon>>

-Sanj//11.08.21//Explicit is implicit\\


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  1. vitruvius1 says:

    Cool eclectic mix of old and new. Much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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