Negev Poiesis

Far from the east, in the land of avraham

the young creator lies on the ground of Negev with all her ardere, and none

The eyes scanning through the avid makhteshim,

shuts down its eyelids to experience manifested aggregation of nature.

The momentary mystical-experience unfolded four sulphurs,

mercury, aquae, air and, ignis infernalis.

In unison, the terreus parallel the dunes,

illuminating the animæ hidden underneath molecular movement.

-Sanjana Singh//22.12.2020



  1. Is the young creator Jesus? Mercury, air, fire and water are “parallel” to the sand dunes? What are “animae”? Thanks!

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    1. Creator-سانجانا
      Dunes illuminate the structure of the four symbolic elements that manifest Animæ.
      Animæ= Anima/Animus (Parts of the Collective Unconscious within Analytical Psychology)!

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      1. Creator – is that Arabic or Hebrew? Is that a translation? And is it a specific creator from one myth? Or a generic creator? After all so many cultures had a creator myth. As to psychology, I do rather wonder as to its use? I’m not sure Freud ever actually cured anyone?

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      2. My name, Sanjana is Arabic translates to Creator
        This is Jungian Psychology!

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      3. How wonderful! What a lovely name. Never too sure about Carl Gustav. A dreamer and a mystic I guess.

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