Esoteric Principles & Modern Theoretical Physics: Different yet Similar in Universal Essence

Principle of Mentalism and Integrated Information Theory of Physics

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental” – The Kybalion

Generally speaking, almost all the laws of hermeticism have a hold on basic physics, but what’s even more interesting is that the first principle of mentalism is connected to a modern theory of quantum gravity and more importantly the IIT.

The first principle, among the 7 Hermetic principles of self-mastery in the esoteric philosophy by Hermes Trismegistus found in the ancient library of Alexandria and published in modern times by the Masonic Lodge of Chicago, is the truth that ‘ALL IS MENTAL’, meaning that the universe as we know i.e., matter and energy of the material universe is just a thought of our infinite, universal and living mind.

Think of the matter, energy and power around you as a sub-content of your mind i.e., that all the phenomenal world or universe (matter; energy etc) is simply a mental creation of THE ALL, in which mind we “live and move and have our being”. A man is a unit of his own universe where he witnesses nothing but transmutation in the matter, energy, and forces around him.

This knowledge of these brilliant principles are given to us by our ancestors, I mean thinking about it, astrology gave birth to astronomy, alchemy to chemistry and mystic psychology grown into modern psychology of schools. But it shouldn’t be ignored that even in those times of limited sources we had brilliant minds come up with geometry, mathematics and early natural philosophy which gave the idea of Atoms. The only thing that’s changed now is that we have enough resources to decide what’s a fact and what’s simply a theory.

If you read the principle of mentalism carefully, it is no different from the mathematically measurable explanation of nature and source of consciousness known as the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness (IIT) i.e., what consciousness is and how it relates to physical systems. Giulio Tononi, who initially proposed this theory began first with the characterization of experience itself and later established the physical (cause-effect power) properties that are required for realizing these characteristics in order to give a theoretical explanation of consciousness in relation to particular information epitomized by those very physical properties. “The theory provides a principled account of both the quantity and quality of an individual experience… and a calculus to evaluate whether a physical system is conscious” (Tononi and Koch, 2015).

So basically, the esoteric explanation of the universe and the IIT establish the same conclusion that the spacetime emerges from the consciousness. That the universe is just a mental construct inside of THE ALL’s consciousness.

Esoteric planes and M-theory dimensions

I find it deeply amusing that both esotericism and physics mention the concept of planes, maybe not necessarily with the same meaning and symbolism, but similar enough to leave us wondering about our existence.

We are in the 3rd dimension, and you are reading this on your 2nd-dimensional screens, while your body resides in the physical plane. Physics and Esotericism together could provide the theory of everything even though both of them do not agree with each other in any aspect whatsoever but can be successful in giving you your answers about the universe. Physics presents us with the opportunities of different realities whilst esotericism/theosophy presents us with the levels of existence.

Both esotericism and physics have a different number of planes/dimensions of existence/realities like many esoteric authors claim that there are seven planes of existence, while there are others who have a different answer. In Physics, we also we the same thing, we went from a classic 3 dimension model from Einstein’s time to 10-dimensional superstring theory to 11 dimensions M-theory and even a Bosonic 26 dimension theory. All these physicists create dimensions to suit there mathematical calculations about the multiverse.

But taking a look at the most common models i.e., the seven planes of esotericism and the 11-dimensional M-theory, it is fascinating to see two contrasting studies occasionally suggesting something close and similar in essence.

The Seven Esoteric Planes of Existence

Looking at the seven planes of existence, each plane constitutes of esoteric traits like purpose, energy, transcendence, logos, etc. What fascinates me is transcendence, as esoterically it means going beyond and suggests that the last plane is where the mind has reached infinite mental possibilities. Something similar is suggested by physicists but in terms of realities. 

Now looking at physics, the M-theory suggests that there could be 11 dimensions i.e., 11 Dimensional Supergravity Particle Theory. The first spatial three dimensions being easiest to visualize i.e, length, width and depth and the rest a bit complicated. From the fourth to the eleventh dimensions, the possibilities get bigger like that of alternate and parallel universes and even higher dimensions where everything imaginable is possible. These dimensions are just as big but are curled up so tightly with our 3rd dimension that they are too small for us to see. Now, what’s even more interesting, is that with the help of LHC in Geneva, in 2012, we found the Boson particle which served as an interesting new point to start more research on these dimensions and also various others theoretical physics concepts as Boson allowed the Higgs field to be proven.

The main point here is that both these contrasting subjects produce the same endpoint that constitutes infinite possibilities. Mentally, one could opt for meditation or kundalini yoga to reach that state, and Scientifically, physicists are working out their mathematical equations to come up with a way one would physically transcend these dimensions of realities. And with infinite possibilities, who knows if both these aspects are one and the same in a peculiar way or two completely different things with two types of different infinite possibilities on the same scale.


Giulio Tononi, Consciousness as Integrated Information: A Provisional Manifesto, 2008












  1. Not having read much about IIT and the esoteric explanations of the universe, my arguments here might be the result of my own ignorance of these old theories and principles.

    But, having reflected about these questions a lot—I’d like to keep it short, and give a bit of a straightforward answer:

    As you said, these theories establish the conclusion that conciousness is something fundamental, and everything in the universe emerges from conciousness. Well, my opinion is a clear juxtaposition of this claim: I believe conciousness is emergent ( not fundamental).
    Why?— because when I divide my body into fragments; is a piece of my hand concious? is a piece of my leg concious?. No! my body all together is a complex structure which makes my conciousness emerge i.e. my awareness of my own existence; being; emerges from smaller constituent elements.
    ( The smaller elements per se do not have the ability to give rise to conciousness; it is only when all the elements work in accordance, and give a complex structure — is only when conciousness emerges)

    Example of emergence: A single ant is stupid ( it does not have much of a brain, nor has any will). But a colony of ants are smart— they build complex structures ( both materialistic and non-materialistic). Together they work, bring food and fight wars between other ants. i.e. when they’re together, the colony’s conciousness emerges.

    At a globalized view, things really do become complex, and that complexity, itself, makes conciousness emerge.

    So, if “ALL IS MENTAL” then I believe it isn’t fundamental, but a complex structure with myriads of processes working in accordance (not necessarily), to make a universal conciousness emerge.

    There are so many things; I wish I could elaborate more, but I am looking forward to your response, so that I can understand your point of view, and then only elaborate what’s needed.

    Btw, the contents of your website are AMAZING!

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    1. Consciousness being emergent is a clear cut empirical/phenomenological assessment- as the emergent feature within the complexities of the Brain. The complexity structures the consciousness as essentially fundamental.



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