Alchemy, Mysticism and the Transmutable Truth

The Philosophers Hand
The Hand of the Mysteries (Artist Unknown) The key in the philosophers’ hand represents mysteries themselves, without whose aid man cannot unlock numerous chambers of his own being.

Ancient understandings of alchemy relied on chemistry to walk upon the path that leads to the truth which many in history mistook as the search of the elixir of immortality or the lust for the alchemical gold. This misunderstanding arose from the self’s lust for a valuable experience of reality. Mysticism, in essence, as opposed to its religious or shamanic definition, pertains to a kind of knowledge that unifies the self with the highest power. A mystic walks on the path of a spiritual quest i.e., the hunt for the truth in order to accomplish its union with the highest power. While the wide gap between the hunt of truth and the hunt of value began to be misinterpreted, the real essence of Alchemy and Mysticism got lost and took refuge in the shade of faith and institutions.

The intriguing connection of the self with the cosmos of the universe and its intrinsic exploitation to the self’s mundane gain seems complex but might just be a simple intuitive key that the self unlocks as an understanding that exceeds its temporal view and leads the self to realize the significance of the hunt for the truth as opposed to the hunt for value.

This truth, or the philosophers’ truth, perhaps seems to me as transmutable. The truth seems to be transmutable as the self on the path leading to it fixates itself in the loop of new discoveries and annulment of old notions of knowledge. The alchemical treatises consist of several varieties of enigmatic symbolism and allegories whose meaning seems transcendental in nature and could only be grasped subjectively. The knowledge amounts to nothing unless grasped by an observer at which point it takes on a form.

As close the self gets to the core of the truth, that distant it seems. The truth has never been held on to, as there has not been a mystery, so long as our eyes have been open and our minds wandered. As this quest for truth is nothing but a mere hope that we may grasp something corporeal in this life which might affirm that there is a purpose and an order.

The Hunt for truth is a routine of the discipline where the self persistently discovers and grasps new knowledge and epiphanies, and with this wisdom, the self then transcends into intellectualvision.

– Sanjana Singh


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