What I know.

What I know is that I am in a state of chaos and I am extremely content with it. 

I know that no matter how much you say, its the silence that delivers the message.

I know that I can keep looking for the desired love, but it only arrives when I shut the door of searching.

I know that most beautiful things happen in life when you do not expect them to occur.

I know that I am me i.e., I have a contrasting identity- which is only obvious. But what I also know is that I compose the elements of my own psyche, I weave them myself, by tying my experiences of the contemporary- and not through the ideals of others, for me.

I know that I will not be able to explain myself sometimes. Therefore, I learn to be content with it. I know the truth, and I understand sometimes it is not explicable, and I learn to be content with it- as there lie only trivial arguments with the benighted.

I know that people will always have a perception of myself, and it is only moronic to deny that, so what I learned is to understand to be a person of my own self and not the product of others. Because how else will an original psyche bloom to enlightenment if it is corrupted by the ideals of the others about a perfect man or woman.

I know that I am capable of making mistakes, mistakes either grave or frivolous. I know that I am learning, if not fast like wind then slow like the change of seasons. But I am aware of my journey of gaining knowledge.

I know that I am not perfect, I know that I try to be perfect while being completely aware of the fact that I am not.

I know I am curious, that my senses ask me to see and contemplate more of the world. But I also know I am idle, I know I am a human.

All I know is that I am a person who has much to explore and that it will take time, maybe I will never achieve what I would want to achieve in life. But what I know for sure is, I’d know how to be happy with it.

To be happy with what is.

To appreciate the incomplete journey.

To appreciate the attempt.

~Sanjana Singh // @itsa2amgrunge


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  1. In a witty and regal vein, King William III (William of Orange) was among those who have pondered the nature of the self.

    As I walk’d by my self
    And talk’d to my self,
    My self said unto me,
    Look to thy self,
    Take care of thy self,
    For nobody cares for Thee.
    I answered my self,
    And said to my self,
    In the self-same Repartee,
    Look to thy self
    Or not look to thy self,
    The self-same thing will be.

    — from an old piece that prob needs a style and content overhaul! https://earthpages.wordpress.com/2015/12/05/self/ 🙂


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