What do people want from their life?

Generally, we go through some situations in which we think- what do we actually want from our life? Then we start thinking about all sorts of things we want. But in real life do we get all the things we desire or truly want?

Now you’ll say yes, Celebrities do get! But in real life they also don’t. They after enjoying some wealth and popularity, start wanting to be normal. To sit and stand with ordinary people,which they can’t for many reasons.

We almost plan everything we want in our perfect future, But do we achieve it ? 

Not always! This happens because of many reasons like – Pressure of parents or people who want you to do what they think is good for you OR Simply because we think it won’t give us enough money! 

We sometimes want other people to understand what we are all about or what are our perspectives on different things. Many a times people don’t understand us and then we think that we are a complete mess and can’t do what we are planning on to do. But why do other people matter? 

One day we all will be old enough to do absolutely nothing in our life. This is true as it is destined to happen with everybody. In my opinion, we should try to listen to ourselves a bit and understand what we want and not what other want us to do! I think it’s an easy task for us to perform. We just have to get some time for ourselves and think about that.

And I swear, that time,that day,that year (when you finally listen to your heart), you won’t forget.


PS. I wrote this a year ago xD

  • Sanjana


  1. In first paragraph you are suggesting that the question “what we want from our life?” is situational based, how?
    In second paragraph, you are asking for “we” and you answered for celebrities. And how you can say that celebrities want to be “normal” unless you don’t define”normal”?
    In third paragraph the reasons that you giving is very vague and unclear if you consider your question seriously.
    Why do other people matter? Premise to this problem is the solution i.e we want people to understand us.


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